Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Poppy Field

This morning, prior to a beautiful breakfast at a nearby café, we visited the Shrine of Remembrance to view the 5,000 Poppies Project field. 
Standing looking at them, it reminded me that this project has brought so many people together all over Australia and beyond.
When Lyn first conceived the idea of 5,000 Poppies, never would she have thought that hundreds of thousands of them would be knitted and made.
My poppies were in the original Federation Square display which then went to the Chelsea Flower Show, U.K.

 The Legacy Garden
Poppies from Flanders Fields, which bloom around the 1st of November, Remembrance Day. 


  1. They make an amazing display massed together like that.

  2. Beautiful flowers, but what they stand for is so sad.

  3. Red and green, always a stunning contrast. So sad that it seems to be an impossible lesson to learn.

  4. Thank you for the photos. The poppies make for a stunning display and really capture attention for such an important day. I wonder which ones are mine!!

  5. What an amazing sight Th girls who started the idea must be overwhelmed when they see something like this. Fantastic