Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Mill

Drove to Geelong today to visit The Mill.
There are 3 of these warehouses, Geelong, Ballarat and Daylesford, being the biggest.
All under one roof, stall holders take out an area to sell 2nd hand goods, antiques and bric-a-brac.
I have been seeking old parchments, maps, writing sheets, ledgers etc. for paper journals and textiles.
 Came home with 2 rolls of music sheets for Jeann and myself.
 I have a music roll, know where to buy one when I run out.
I spent a quiet hour roaming, with the sound of rain coming down on the tin roof.
I mentioned to a friend that my sweet peas were not tall and very slow in growth.
Read the packet and then realised, I had planted a dwarf variety.
 From this..... these.


  1. There's one in Castlemaine, too, although it isn't part of the same chain as the three you mentioned.

    I have buds on my sweetpeas, that are descended from the seeds you gave me a few years back. Flowers soon!

  2. In Sweden second hand and thrift fairs are very popular. I have found some wonderful things for embroidery, among them the silk thread I am using right now to stitch the Mola bag!
    I harvested some chrysanthemums from my garden pot yesterday and they are now in a vase indoors.

  3. Always fun to browse at these type of ventures. I miss the old fashioned auction houses that have disappeared. Lots of interesting stuff straight from the house clearances including sewing machines with all accessories, and the thrill of making the winning bid.

  4. You have some beautiful flowers. I actually have some tomatoes growing. Must have worked out a good spot to put them.

  5. I haven't seen sweet peas in years! Wish I had some plants! Wish I could grow them without killing them!

  6. I love the perfume from sweet peas