Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tall and Low

Our weekend was busy. Saturday morning spent at the Vic Market, stocking up on meat for the freezer, accompanied by a breakfast of a bacon and egg roll with coffee.
Driving in at 6am and seeing the hot air balloons over the city. One day will do this activity.

 The sun was coming up and the buildings in the city were reflective.

 One day I will spend it in the CBD region, there are a many high rise buildings that could be used as quilt pattern inspirations.
 Sunday lunch with Emma, we then took Harvey for a walk along the Maribrynong River.
My Grand-dog, a very affectionate bulldog.
 Spent time over the weekend planting seedlings in the vegie garden.
There is a sense of satisfaction when you can pick your own vegetables. They taste so different to store bought. More flavour.
 Italian Parsley, beetroot and gourmet lettuce.

We have had trouble with something eating the zucchini's and cucumbers, Bunnings told us to place a flat plastic lid with olive oil, to attract the bugs, it has worked.


  1. Hope you get many veggies growing. They sure do taste better. Please do book a balloon flight. It is magical. I have done one over the city of Melbourne. It's the best feeling.

  2. I don't think I've even seen some of those tall buildings.

    Nice to see all those vegies getting started. Summer salads straight from the garden - yum!

  3. Being the passenger you get to see so much more of the city as you come over the bridge. The skyline looks really interesting. I don't think I have ever really appreciated the views as I am so busy concentrating on finding the right exit - and then getting it wrong! Much more familiar with the approach from the other side.

  4. I have never actually flown in an air balloon other than straight up but I got a nice trip in a blimp from the north side of Tokyo, through the city and over my house. I loved it because it could stay in one place and was so very quiet.

  5. The skyline has changed dramatically since I arrived here in 1982