Friday, October 27, 2017

The Start of a Stitched Travel Journal

Stitched a small piece to start off my Travel Journal.
Sitting on our balcony against the dock walls in Rouen, France.
Brought out my sketchbook and started with a simple watercolour of the plants growing from the brick work. Very relaxing with a cup of tea.

 The walls were so close, we could rub our hands across them.
Linen handkerchief, tea dyed.
Organza, tea bag papers, a piece of paper with words of the cruise written with my opposite hand.
Stitched with French knots and free motion.
Currently making a cover for my A4 Journal book.


  1. Very interesting seeing the progression from photo to sketch to textile piece.

  2. You will relive so many of your travel memories by making this journal.

  3. An interesting way to interpret this simple experience and a lovely reflection on this time.

  4. Very impressive start to your journal, Jenni

  5. Fantastic, Jenni. You will have so much fun creating this diary and will remember so much about the places

  6. Great Jenni. You have a real artistic bent.