Friday, October 13, 2017

Op Shop Finds

Winter School next year, my class is with a young man named Jet James.
"Collagraphy" is a form of Lithograph printing.
Our requirements list asks for lace.
A quick call to the local op shop, a lovely time rummaging through their Manchester.

Beautiful hankies $2 for the packet of 7.

Bag of lace pieces for 50 cents.

Damask tea cloth and linen placemat, 50 cents each.
Lovely cloth for embroidery and textiles.


  1. wow some great buys there,good shopping my friend xx

  2. Lovely that these pieces have been rescued by someone who appreciates them.

  3. Great find.. it's amazing what can be found when you dig deep

  4. Interesting purchases.
    I have some lace for you, too.
    Such a shame we have to wait so long for Winter School. I am already collecting items for my workshop as well.

  5. Wow! So beautiful! The handkerchiefs are truly treasures.

  6. It's a bit sad that such beautiful hand-crafted hankies weren't valued by the families of the women who made them. But I suppose it is better that they were sent to the op-shop than to the tip.

  7. A great start to the collection for your class.