Friday, October 27, 2017

The Start of a Stitched Travel Journal

Stitched a small piece to start off my Travel Journal.
Sitting on our balcony against the dock walls in Rouen, France.
Brought out my sketchbook and started with a simple watercolour of the plants growing from the brick work. Very relaxing with a cup of tea.

 The walls were so close, we could rub our hands across them.
Linen handkerchief, tea dyed.
Organza, tea bag papers, a piece of paper with words of the cruise written with my opposite hand.
Stitched with French knots and free motion.
Currently making a cover for my A4 Journal book.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fabric and Others Clean Up

This morning spent time clearing out stuff and making up my new sets of drawers.

My sewing room wall unit is looking neater, wonder how long it will stay like this?

Most of the "stuff" has gone into these sets of drawers that I bought at the Reject Shop.
Have to wait until tonight, I can't get the wheels on the 2nd set. I have room in the wardrobe for a 3rd set, may buy another one.
Found plastic hooks at Daiso to hang bags of things from the clothing rail.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Shade of Brown

I saw a shade of brown out of the corner of my eye, thought it was one of my chooks.
It was another Bearded Iris in flower.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Finders Keepers

The Finders Keepers is a 3 day craft market at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
Over 500 stalls were present selling beautiful handmade goods.
There were many wonderful items that took my eye but I didn't need them. I was surprised that the prices were not that expensive and very affordable. 
Ranging from jewelry, pottery, cosmetics, clothing, art, stationary, food, children's items, pet lovers items and so much more.
Emma and I had a lovely afternoon browsing the market along with thousands of others.
Will take note next year to re-visit it.

 In the 19th century, it was fashionable to place grand buildings and exhibition halls in a garden setting. The garden beds of the Exhibition Building were laid out in a "parterre" style in patterns such as scrolls, triangles, wheels and circles.
These beds were removed in the early 20th century and replaced with a more simple style of garden planting. 
 The colossal fountain stands some ten metres high on the south side of the Royal Exhibition Building, outside the Great Hall.
At the central level of the fountain, four youths (representing a young and vibrant colony) dance below symbols of the arts, science, commerce and industry; for example, musical instruments, a telescope, sailing ship, steam engine and globe of the world. 
Above this are images of Victoria's indigenous flora and fauna, and a boy with a clamshell. Holding all of this aloft are four merpeople rising up from the waters of the lower pool. 

 Iris garden beds.

Carlton Gardens pond.

Glorious Azalea.
Collected some beautiful stall advertising cards.

Friday, October 20, 2017


My Iris collection are out in bloom.

I also have a brown/burgundy iris, not in bud this season.
Some colour in my garden.
Apple Blossom
 Pear Blossom
Neighbours green blossom tree, unfortunately it sends runners through my garden and 2 houses up from us.

 Sharon S, CBD Geranium
 Sunny Bunny and Pascale
 Pal Joey hiding among the yellow Iris.

White Carpet Rose
Lost the label many years ago of the rose next to it, a lovely rose to cut with long stems.

 My Lavender after a decent prune.
Sadly my Sweet Peas did not grow this year as well as previous.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Op Shop Finds

Winter School next year, my class is with a young man named Jet James.
"Collagraphy" is a form of Lithograph printing.
Our requirements list asks for lace.
A quick call to the local op shop, a lovely time rummaging through their Manchester.

Beautiful hankies $2 for the packet of 7.

Bag of lace pieces for 50 cents.

Damask tea cloth and linen placemat, 50 cents each.
Lovely cloth for embroidery and textiles.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Slow and Steady

Bathroom progress, 2 walls and floor tiled.
Tiling of 3rd wall, inside 2 niches and around window in progress.
Ceiling, hopefully painted Sunday.
Vanity cabinet and bench top fitted.
Plummer to fit basins and fittings next Friday, his earliest free space.
Electrics and fan etc next week by John, his earliest free space.
Waiting on quote for shower screen, original quote not honoured due to tradesman flying the coup.
Grouting hopefully tomorrow.
Approx 10 gym visits to be added to membership card for 5.30am cold-lukewarm shower.
Extreme Patience needed for another 2 weeks.

Hope he remembers to take out the drying support pieces!
Too late to say the shower could have been slightly bigger, standard size made, may look bigger once screens are in, or an incentive to lose weight.

Did I mention Extreme Patience is needed.......

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Challenge Finish

While the tiler was doing his thing in our new bathroom, I watched a midday movie and finished the binding on my Christmas challenge.