Monday, September 11, 2017

On The Road Again

Yesterday we drove from Marrakech to Casablanca for our final day of Morocco.
We have experienced 43 degree heat, maniac motorcycle bikes through the souks, amazing colours and scenery, to treasure the memories. 
Morocco was everything I expected it to be and more, very tiring, exhausting, exciting and I would love to return on day. 
 We left our hotel at 9.00am, as you can see the colour of the sky at that time, we were in for one hot day driving 8 hours back to Casablanca.
I finished stitching over the edge of my clamshells on the drive, should have bought more with  me.
 Gare de Marrakech, the train station.
 We hoped this tomato carter did not hit any speed bumps along the way.
 Once out of the city, the land was barren and a beautiful terracotta in colour.
 Small mosques along the way.
 Our roadside cafe stop, noticed the mosaic teapot balanced on the roof.
 I ordered mint tea, refreshing in the heat.
 Mmmm.....not really an appropriate sign to place under the toilet signage.
 I will miss the colours of the land.
 Along the way, a village was holding it's weekly market, we stopped to speak to the locals.

 A lady wore this apron, beautifully embroidered. We asked her if we could photograph it and gave her a coin as a thank you. Her husband was quite vocal towards us till we realised he was trying to tell us, her cousin embroidered it and wanted to know where we were visiting from.
 This genlteman allowed me to take his photo, he was mending school bags on an old Singer.
School returns Monday after the summer vacation.

These buckets were a bright contrast against the red earth.
 A stopover at Safi, famous for it's pottery and textiles.

I don't think I could eat another tagine meal in the near future.

 We drove along the edge of the Atlantic ocean. 
A huge contrast to the barren land.

 This area of Safi, is well known for it's tomato growing.
 Km upon km's of tomato market gardens along the edge of the coast line.
Arrived back in Casablanca to the see the Mosque lit up.
Early night for a 4.45am wake up call for the 6.15am departure for the airport.
flew to Barcelona, I had a middle seat and missed seeing the rock of Gibraltar, Christine said it was spectacular.


  1. A wonderful day to remember as you leave Morocco. The heat was extreme so hope you have some cooler days in Spain.

  2. I have enjoyed my Morocco experience. Thank you

  3. Farewell to Morocco. It has been a fascinating tour. Looking forward now to more colour in Barcelona.

  4. Thankyou for taking us along on your colourful and fascinating tour. I am impressed with your eye for quirky details.

  5. Makes me wonder how they water those tomatoes. There must be more water around than there appears to be.