Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It Will Be Worth it....

Am I allowed to change my mind?...no I don't think so, too late.

A few bits and pieces that came home with me from the trip.
 Silk pieces for a textile piece on Morocco.
 Antique block made in 1800.
Not sure if I should unpick and re-stitch or frame as is.
There were some beautiful antique quilts for sale.
 Set of 4 blocks to go with the fabrics Emma bought me on her 2 African trips.
 Magnet, Mardie made me rubbings using her magnets.
 On a previous French holiday, found this hand wash clothing soap, found it at the supermarket.
Best soap for clothes I have used, should have bought more than one block!!!
These necklaces were made by the ladies in the Cherry Button Co-op.


  1. There is no way back on the bathroom front!
    You have spent your money wisely.
    I would not unpick the stitches on the antique block, I'd use it as it is with a frame. We should celebrate the 'antiquity' of the work.

  2. The bathroom is gone! Hope you have another one to tide you over until the work is finished?

    Lots of lovely souvenirs of your trip.

  3. I love to see old blocks framed. A friend has some made by her grandmother. Very traditional blocks. The back of the frame has all the information about the blocks and her gran.

  4. Great purchases, just enough to remember and you can create your own beautiful pieces.
    The bathroom came out quickly, now for the fun of seeing your plans take shape.

  5. That block reminds me of a wonky star of vintage fabrics I can no longer remember where it came from. Every time I come across it I wonder if I should fix it or use those bits of fabric in something else. It will definitely call for un-picking.

  6. The colours of the silks are gorgeous. If you unpick the block and redo it then it is no longer antique. You bought it because you liked it so just frame it. I like the necklaces.
    The new bathroom will be worth it!