Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gothic Area Quirkiness

Barcelona has a personality. 
With the sadness recently, the city has bounced back with laughter and smiles on all it's people.

 Gaudi designed these pavement tiles.

 For Sharon's Andrew.
 For John.
 Glass columns.

 Looked up and saw these Chinese building decorations.

 We stopped on the way back for Tapas and a glass of Sangria 
 Beautiful mosaic work.
 Loved this fountain.

Beautiful children's clothing.


  1. Some beautiful photos of sights in Barcelona. Makes me wish we'd spent more than one day there but it is on the list of places to return to.

  2. I love the pavement, the tiles, the doorknocker....oh....everything! I want a pair of those shoes. I think you will need a trip to Spain so we can see more. A day is not enough to see the wonders. I thought Morocco was the bees' knees but Barcelona looks spectacular in a different way.

  3. You could make a picture book of all the architectural details you find around the world.

  4. A reclining giraffe, marvellous!

  5. I've seen the hexagonal tiles before, but those ones with the leaves on them are brilliant! Well done finding a matching leaf on them to photograph.