Saturday, September 16, 2017

Day 2 - Quilt Exhibitions

Behind Closed Doors - Ian Berry U.K.
At first glance, many believe that Ian Berry's work are blue toned photographs or indigo coloured oil paintings. This is not only when viewed online or in print, when much of the depth and detail is lost, but even up close.
Evan at touching distance, many viewers don't realise that they are looking at many layers and shades, of denim jeans. But of course it is testament to his work that it is not all about it being made in old jeans that makes it special.
It is simply his medium for seeing the world, his paint, and what a material to use in this modern world, with all it's symbols and dualitites, as well as being such a common item of clothing that unites many around the globe.

 My photos don't show the 3  dimensional layering of the pieces.
 These were actual life size made washing machines.


  1. I still can't really grasp how this looks in reality. I think it must be seen 'in the flesh'.

  2. Fascinating pieces of work, but quite bleak in their portrayal of the everyday. A bit like paper toll but with denim. They also remind me of the Jeannie Baker picture story books.

  3. Stunning and unusual. But I am not sure I like them. As Jeanette wrote they are bleak and I feel give out a cold feeling. And I agree about Jeannie's books, Jeanette.

  4. Very different. I can appreciate the colour however not sure I could have one of these to glance at daily. It's been a lot of work though and much thought to make them I would think.