Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cherry Button Co-operative

The Sefrou region is known throughout Morocco for creating some of the finest djellaba buttons in the country. The craft was introduced by Sefrou's Jewish residents to the women of the region.
The dry red earth of Sefrou.
Cactus agave used for silk thread

The button making became very popular because it required minimal supplies and allowed the women to work from home. It also became a social activity as many women visited one another and taught each other different button making techniques while they managed household duties.

The buttons brought an additional source of income that was then used to help the families with everyday purchases, school supplies and clothing.
The co-op also dyes wool with natural products eg. chamomile, flowers and leaves.

 Dyeing using dried hibiscus flowers.
 White buttons after dyeing.
 Decorated serviette edge.
 The ladies took us to their co-op shop, I bought 2 necklaces.
Silk threads made from agave.
Buttons used for clothing decoration.
After our lesson, we were treated to a beautiful 3 course lunch made by the women upstairs in the owner's home. A wonderful day.
 I made a couple of buttons, not a bad effort for a left hander.


  1. Lots of quilt inspiration in the last post.
    The button making tool looks dangerous

  2. Wonderful that you could spend time with this group of resourceful women.

  3. And when you are a lefty, you know how to reverse all those directions ... I know!

  4. Glad to hear that you are helping the economy by buying.

  5. Sounds like a fascinating task.

  6. The button making sounds fascinating!