Friday, September 22, 2017

A Few of the Quilt Exhibitions

Many thanks for all your Welcome Home messages, so pleased you could come along with me from your computers.
A selection quilts from some of the exhibitions I visited, too many to post. 

Trip To The End Of The World
International Contest.
As every year, the European Patchwork Meeting encourages the traditional and the contemporary  textile creation. The theme for 2017 was "Trip to the End of the World". Express yourself freely by representing your end of the world, real or imaginary, charming or paradisiac, serene on an island or in the excitement of a big city...take us in a creative and boundless journey. A few of the quilts chosen below. 2018 theme is "In the Course of the Seasons".

 Won Best of Show
"Pieces of Memories"
Misun Chang


Embellishment Embroidery by Lea Stansal - France
She presents her needleworks, all made in textile with the most diverse techniques. A poetic extension of her last book published in spring 2017 entitled Embellishment Embroidery.


Quilt National '15: The Best of Contemporary Quilts Collection B.
Quilt national '15, the nineteenth international juries competition for new, innovative quilts presented by The Dairy Barn Arts Centre in Athens, Ohio USA. It's curated by Jurors who were quilters Rosalie Dace (South Africa), Ann Johnston (Oregon USA) and museum curator Judy Schwender (Paducah, Kentucky USA)


Designs and Graphics  by Gabrielle Pacquin - France
This exhibition presents graphics based on stripes and striped textiles. Some works are purely abstract, others stylised figurative. Colour is always present, especially red, but the stripes create a particular fade between the colours. 
Gabrielle told me that she buys brand new men's shirts for her work.


  1. What an amazing variety! Would love to have seen some of those in person.

  2. Wow! What amazing work. I particularly like the stripy fabric creations of Gabrielle Pacquin.

  3. I really enjoyed viewing these over a cup of tea. Fantastic reminders for you and wonderful inspiration. Very interesting to see an extended series by one artist.

  4. These are very different. Plain blocks are noticeable by their absence. Great creativity of different styles. Thanks for the peek at them.

  5. To see so much wonderful creativity must have been overwhelming at times.