Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Day in Fes - 2

It was a very full day of walking and sight seeing.
Visited a silk weaving workshop, the colours were stunning.
The silk strands are woven from the cactus plant agave.

Silk sheets used as tablecloths.

Not my colour......

Beautiful tassels.

 Must remember not to stand next to the guy explaining the process.
Chose me to demonstrate the head dress and veil of the ladies

 Wandered at snail's pace down one of the alleys to the carpet place.
Amazed at how small they package up the carpets to be sent home.
Loved the modern ones over the traditional, they could be used as wall hangings.

 Entered through a tiny old door way to the beautiful show room

 The carpets are turned over for the summer as the backs are cooler, the pattern is the same as the front, so you would never know.


  1. Fantastic textile delights. Did you buy the headdress and veil?

  2. A visual feast. I don't know how anyone could decide with so many colours and patterns on display.

  3. Beautiful!

    I hadn't heard of the "cactus silk" before. Very interesting.

  4. Love the colours! Have you bought anything yet?

  5. The intricacy of those carpets is amazing!