Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Known as The Blue Pearl.
Distinctive powder blue buildings surround the hill top city, like a religious rather than a stylish decision, Jewish teachings suggest that by dyeing thread with tekhelel, an ancient dye, people would be reminded of God's power.
The memory of this tradition lives on in the regularly repainted blue buildings.

 Tiled entrances to the homes.

 Our hilltop hotel had several levels of rooms. 3 of us were on the top 2nd level, which meant a climb with a stunning view overlooking the city. Each level had a foyer, looking from our level.
Our little foyer with our 3 rooms off it.
 Walking down to breakfast.
Sadly the pool was closed, starting of sunrise, looking forward to another day.

 Interesting door entrances.

 Chefchaouen is a popular shopping destination as it offers many native handcrafts that are not available elsewhere in Morocco, eg wool and woven blankets. Goats cheese native to the area is popular.
 Our hilltop climb to the hotel, luggage went by car, was a 30 minute walk through the medina. Tiring after a long day, it was easier in the morning. Setting up the shops for the medina.
No time for shopping.
 On the way to Fes, the fields grow maize, the brown is the left over stalks ground into the dark black soil. Looking toward the Atlas mountains.
 For John.


  1. The blue makes it a really pretty town.

  2. The walk down to breakfast looks wonderful, with the magenta bougainvillea against the blue and white buildings. The market stalls have to be tiny in those narrow lanes!

  3. Styles, designs and architecture are eye catching.

  4. Unusual colours for houses, it looks great from a distance.

  5. So many images remind me of the quilts of Jenny Bowker

  6. So many interesting patterns... in the fields, in the doorways, in the carpets. I love that blue town!