Friday, August 4, 2017

Blue Skies and Fabric

A couple of day drives over the last week.
 Van Loon's Nursery near Queenscliffe.
Always a lovely selection of plants that never fail to strike and grow, with a cafe that make delicious scones and coffee.
 Terracotta means Spring is not far away.

Another drive this week with friends to Amitie Quilt shop, relocated to Torquay.
Bought the tree fabric to add to some out of my stash to make another shopping bag.
Would you believe, there is no black in my stash but have some dark grey. The darker olive green for the lining.
I have been eyeing off these Kenyan baskets in a shop at Barwon Heads since Christmas.
Finally bought one for shopping etc.
The baskets arrive at the shop, packaged flat and need to be soaked in water to reshapen.
The lady told me this one was done in a hurry to get on the shelf, will be soaking it on the weekend.
I have a few of those coloured plastic garden tubs, it sits beautifully in them, so will give it a nice shape then dried in the shade.


  1. We had a few nice days this week, didn't we, where you could feel spring in the air.

  2. Love your fabric selection

  3. I have been busy apologising to my garden for one month'd abandonment. A few days of rain helped the situation too. Those pots look very attractive as does the basket.

  4. What a unique way of transporting those baskets to market!
    Black is a colour we don't need a lot of, but a bit is always good to have for contrast.

  5. Thank you for the preview. I will be making it across to Eltham in the near future to see this one.