Thursday, August 31, 2017

Artisanal Training Centre - Ifrane

Ifrane's cult landmark is the stone lion that sits on a patch of grass near the Hotel Chamonix. It was carved by a German soldier during WWII, when Ifrane was used briefly as a prisoner of war camp, in exchange for the prisoner's freedom. It commemorates the last wild Atlas lion which was shot near here in the early 1920's.
 Stork's nest in the gables.

 The 2nd day of September is the public holiday where the lamb is slaughtered.
I guess this is one way to get your lamb home!!
 The Centre of vocational training in handcrafts at the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity through the high-potential projects which based on integration of young people through training. It allows them to consider their future career with knowledge passed on by renowned master craftsmen,

 Cane weaver with a stand to hold the Koran while being read.

 Weaving beautiful cloth.

 Rug making.

 Carpet weaving.

 Basket weaving.

 Along the road to Azrou.


  1. Love your last photo of the severe mountain landscape.

  2. Lots of lovely work.

    I was in India once just before this coming Muslim holiday. There it is known as "Goat Eid" and there were goats everywhere. Interesting to see that sheep are used where you are rather than goats.

  3. The expertise of the craftsmen/women is well in evidence. I would want to bring one of everything home!