Monday, August 28, 2017

Are We There Yet......

After a very long time in the air, with a transit stop in Dubai, arrived in Casablanca at lunchtime.

 Interesting design of Dubai airport walls.
 Landed at Casablanca airport with a walk down the stairs and a bus ride to the terminal.
 Freshened up, washed my clothes and went for a short walk around the area of the hotel.

 In the old area. Found the supermarket, stocked up on water.
Thank you Emma for the directions and your left over coins, it was opened.
Came back and worked out the air con in my room.
Now for a rest before our pre-tour meeting before dinner.
Despite the area of the city being very old and run down, they have modern Alstom trams.


  1. The door bolts in India are a lot like that brass one. We've got one somewhere still packed away. Must find somewhere to install it.

  2. Looks like you have made a good start. You missed the hail we had yesterday.

  3. I wonder what the collective noun is for satellite dish. There are an awful lot of them on the dinosaur bones building.
    How sensible that you touch on before boarding the tram.

  4. Wow.. do you ever stay still for long. You are amazing

  5. Fantastic. You arrived safely.