Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Walk Around the Retreat

Beautiful morning for a walk around the area of Lady Nothcote.
 The YMCA area is very large for the school kids to play in.

 The cockatoos were extremely vocal each morning.
 "Anyone for a game of tennis?"
Too busy chatting, eating and sewing.
 I was very good, did not eat one sweet or lolly and when offered said "no thank you".

 The old log in the re-vegetation area is still here. A couple of years ago on one of my morning wanders I noticed that it looked similar to an elephant.
Sadly over the years the weather has worn down the trunk (pardon the pun).
 At the bottom of the property is a recreational lake.

 The vegetable garden has expanded. The camp caters for their guests.
Spring is around the corner, the fruit trees are in blossom.

 Wonder if this soccer ball is a relation of "Wilson" from Casterway.
If Tom Hanks is looking for it, know where to tel him to find it.
 Brings back childhood memories, hours of playing hopscotch.
Looking towards the back of the camp.
Cattle were grazing but didn't see any kangaroos on my morning walk.


  1. My hoppy taw was a pretty piece from broken dish. It was very flat so landed reliably in the correct square.

  2. What beautiful weather, and the fruit trees are in bloom!