Saturday, July 22, 2017

Test post

Hope this works

iPADS, whoever invented these, have too much time on their hands.
The only way frustrated daughter could get a post is to email it to the blogger.
I think I will take Harvey for a walk!!
Apparently apple is not compatible with blogger.
No doubt will be told, I should not have bought it. 🤓


  1. From my reading it seems you might have to use Chrome as your browser to access blogger, since Google deleted the iOS app for blogger last year.

  2. I do all my posts on my iPad. The only time I go to my computer is when I change the header photo or screen layouts.
    I have learnt to get my photos up ok.

  3. You might try using the app BlogTouch which seems to be the only replacement for the Google app Blogger which they have withdrawn. There is a free version. Can't find much in the way of reviews. Google made the change and they suggest you use their product Chrome as your browser not Apple Safari which is automatically installed on your iPad.