Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mellow Yellow

Visited Apple AGAIN this afternoon with another query and was able to work out where I was going wrong.
Did this post but realised I was not connected to the wifi, so here goes AGAIN as I am sitting as close to the wifi as possible. 

Hand stitching again, the original pattern uses pale blue for the background and I have decided to use a lemon fabric. It feels good to be able to feel the fabric in my hand.

Our lemon tree has a new crop.

My Jonquil's perfume can be smelt as I walk towards them. My daffodils are in bud.

Have used the white wool for the prem baby beanies and now onto the lemon for Jo.
Thank you Jo, the knitting has helped my hand heal.

My latest book purchase.

This book is very interesting and the stitching work is amazing.
Many thanks for your comments when I tried the previous attempt. 
I told Tim at Apple to duck as I was about to throw the iPad at the wall. 
He was amazing, patient and spent 40 minutes with me explaining . 
Ok....now for the second time, will press Publish.


  1. Glad to see you are getting it all worked out.

    Great news that you are feeling the fabric again! That's much more important than using the ipad.

  2. So good you are getting there and the iPad still works..

  3. I do not have an iPad (yet) so do not KNOW, but I have HEARD of many who have similar problems. The iPad is easy to carry around but frustrating to use for Blogger, apparently!
    Did you know that lemon juice and yoghurt (add water and honey and shake all ingredients together) is one of the best ways to strengthen bones.
    It must be good to feel the fabric and yarn in your hands again.

  4. I love the Slow Stitch book, I dip in to my copy again and again. Your photos took longer than usual to download but they are looking good.

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