Friday, July 14, 2017

Knit 1 Purl 1

 Enjoying knitting Prem Baby Beanies to be sent to Jo for her hospital.
Can get one knitted each night while watching TV.
Not sure how many I will get from the skein, after finishing the white, will start on lemon wool.
 This morning went for a drive to Bendigo to have a look at the Weaving, Spinning and Knitting festival. Gold coin donation for entry, not a large area, the stalls were lovely and bright.

 The pink skein on the left is my purchase for a scarf.
Thought of going to the Sheep and Wool Festival after, my Garmen Nav wouldn't let me find it....
Drove around in circles...never mind, perhaps another day during the weekend.


  1. I was thinking of going to the Sheep and Wool Festival too, but so far the weather has put me off.

  2. Hi Jacaranda,

    Thank you very much for sharing these lovely photos! :-) Here in the States, craft supply conventions focus mostly on sewing/quilting and beadwork, but crocheting and knitting look fun, and I might start learning one of them. Those preemie beanies are very beautiful, and it's really kind of you to participate and help out. :-)

    Speaking of another charity project, sorry, I'm not sure if you've already read my reply to your comment on Queeniepatch's NHK 2018 quilt block theme announcement, but I just want to let you know that NHK received your "gardening" block in Tokyo last year. :-) NHK also didn't update me until I emailed them. They kindly sent a link to see all 63 quilts, but unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore. I did save the quilt photo that my tulip block was sewn into along with some other cute and inspiring ones, including yours, which I recognized. If you like, I can either try to post the quilt photo on my blog, so you can copy and save it from there, or I could email the photo to you? Would this work for you? Will you be donating a block this year? Thank you. :-)


  3. Those beanies are very cute.... Thank you.
    All that yarn is so beautiful. It's a shame you couldn't find the festival.