Friday, July 7, 2017

Joomchi-Winter School

Fibre Arts Winter School, Ballarat Grammar School, enrolled in a class of Korean Paper Felting.
Our class description:

"Joomchi is a traditional Korean paper technique very similar to felting except with paper. The class will be playing with it in new and exciting ways to create multipurpose 'leather' paper. Layers of paper can be stitched before and after felting to creating voids and windows, 'felting' in ochres and chalk pastels can be used to imbed colour, dyed paper and tissue can be layered for bleeding colour. It can be dyed and painted, be drawn into and onto throughout the process, recycled artworks and found objects can be embedded and manipulated. It can be moulded around forms and sewn into shapes to make samples, wall pieces, vessels, bags and wearable art.

Each layer of paper is water sprayed, rolled with the wooden pole to squeeze out air bubbles
then rolled with 2 layers of bubble wrap and sealed.
The method of rolling it with your feet is a 2 hour process. After each 30 minutes the rolls are undone and piece is turned in a different direction.
Eventually after 2 hours the layers are bonded together and left to dry.
 These 3 pieces are ready to be rolled and sealed.


  1. Fascinating! How do your legs feel after 2 hours of rolling, though?

  2. I have seen paper 'felting'(?) where colourful paper napkins have been used, but I have never seen how it was done. Maybe this way? Thank you for sharing.
    There is a lot of Japanese in your Korean paper felting!

  3. At my pre-school the kids were experimenting with making paper. This style might be fun to try with those kids who are having hard time being still during nap time.

  4. Wow. That looks wonderful. Very slow going. What will you use the paper for

  5. That looks like hard work. I bet there were some lively conversations going on during rolling time.

  6. That is a very different way of making paper. will you do it again?