Sunday, July 2, 2017

Artist Challenge 1 - Max Boyd

The new challenge for our online Gondwana group due this week:
*4 journal quilts around the theme of an artist (any type) with free choice of size and format.

*Use an inspiration source of your own (eg. photo etc) and then use the techniques of a particular artist to create the piece.
 We were given this painting as a Wedding gift in 1979 by my late Uncle.
I have always loved it for it's simplicity and sentimental value.
The artist is an Australian, Robert Max Boyd (known as Max Boyd).
Born in Queensland.
Studied at the Royal Art Society School and the Graham Inson Studio in Sydney.
He had a passion for outback properties and farms.
 Made a diagram on paper which I will use for all 4 challenges, due July, October, February and April
Finished piece 11.5"x 11.5"
Each piece will be of a different season, therefore the almost same picture with different colour tones.
It has taken me a week to complete, a small simple project sending me in the right direction to getting back to hand stitching.


  1. Both the painting and the quilt are great. I am so glad you are able to do hand stitching again, but rest your hand as soon as you feel any discomfort.

  2. The almost empty landscape with just the small touches of decorative stitching capture both the remoteness of the property and your own journey back into stitching.

  3. Love the painting and your response. Sounds like a good idea for a challenge and I like your idea for taking up the challenge

  4. Good news that you can do a little stitching by hand now.

    I'll look forward to seeing the four seasonal versions as you complete them.

  5. How is your hand? I do hope that each time you hand stitch that it is getting better.