Monday, June 12, 2017

Salt and Pepper

Spent a lovely relaxing lunch and afternoon with other friends, at friend's 45 acre farm at Gordon, an hour from our place. Thank you for babysitting our 2 chooks  while we were away.
 A beautiful sunny but cool day.
 We 3 girls, took Rosie and Biggie for a long walk up the road to the pine forest to collect a bag of pine needles for me to use at Winter School. 3 massive grey kangaroos came bounding across in front of us, don't know who jumped higher, them or us.

 Their cattle were grazing in one of the front paddocks.

 They have a collection of old utensils and containers around the farm

Rosie the cattle dog.
 Salt and Pepper are now back home and settling in.


  1. Well that confirms it. The railways run on an endless supply of hot tea.

  2. I wondered what had happened with the chooks while you were away. Looks like they had a lovely holiday in the country.