Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chateau Chenonceau

 To build the Chateau on the River Cher in the 16th century, Thomas Bohier and his wife Katherine Briconnet demolished the fortified castle and mill belonging to the Marques family and rebuilt.
We visited the ground floor and cellars only, the upper floors were closed.
 Looking across Diane's garden, which has remained unchanged since it's creation by Diane de Poitiers. 2 perpendicular and 2 diagonal paths border 8 large, lawned triangles decorated by scrolls of santolina.
Looking across Catherine's garden, with a circular pond in the middle, rounded box hedges and "Clair Martin" roses. Also standard roses and borders of lavender.
 A section of the Chateau was used as a hospital for the wounded.
 Embroidered postcards sent from loved ones to the patients.


 The Chateaux was filled with beautiful floral arrangements.
I chatted to the florists in the Floral Workshop. I asked why artichokes were a part of the arrangements, apparently they are a Royal Emblem. These pink hydrangeas were huge.

Part of the Vegetable and Flower garden on the estate.


  1. Another wonderful house/ home.

  2. Lovely gardens. And again I have learnt something - I had to do a search to find out about santolina, as I wasn't familiar with that plant.

  3. The Chateau looks like a fairytale castle

  4. Love that first photo with the clustering of boats in the foreground.