Friday, June 2, 2017

Around and Stranded.

Meaux is not a pretty town, but if you look around, up and down, there is something to see.
Walked for a couple of hours and another shower was needed, the French say they have not experienced this high humidity before, it is rare at this time of year, within a week it should be cool and showery.
The petrol strike is over, have been told it happens at this time of year just like our threatened brewery strike at Christmas time. Have been watching the French Open tennis.
Bridge, Pont du Meaux.
Looking from our hotel window, sunrise, at Hotel de Ville  (Council Chambers) with the Cathedral behind it.
Some little boy would love this old model to play with.
The College facade.
Oliver, the American bulldog.
This war memorial was decided in 1898.
Designed was a base on 3 levels with a Corinthian column on which stands a statue of Fame, at the foot of the column, a lion representing the heroic resistance of the Fort de Belfort in 1870.

Meaux's ancient name was "Lanthium". The town was the administrative centre of a region inhabited by a tribe of Gaul. Towards the end of the 4th century the inhabitants built a wall to protect their town centre.
Well know for mustard's.
Everywhere, we see men walking French Bulldogs.
In Australia they are a very expensive breed of dog. Loved these characters.

Meaux Cathedral.
The railway station.

The local florist shop.

Pretty reflection.


  1. The florists shop looks interesting, with the branches and balls of greenery decorating the front. You found lots of good photographic subjects on your walk.

  2. Lovely sunrise, and very good news about the petrol.

  3. You found a lot of beautiful details.
    I understand how tiring the humidity must have been.