Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Sunny Winter's Day

I trained into the city today, with the intention of visiting the Van Gogh exhibition at the NGV.
I thought of buying my ticket online, but thinking "she'll be ok"....decided to buy a ticket at the Gallery. WOW!!! we were told the line for tickets and entry was approx 2 - 2.5 hours wait.
Decided it was not worth it, will buy it online and visit another day. It was so crowded......

 The main pond at the NGV was interesting with moss balls growing among the leaves and the water.
 My favourite walk in the city of Melbourne is down St Kilda Road. 
The leaves have not quite fallen or changed colour.

 Overlooking Southbank from Princes Bridge, 17 degrees today with sunshine and a blue sky.
The trees on the Yarra River toward the Mighty M.C.G. have turned a lovely terracotta in colour.
Another trip into the city is on the agenda.


  1. Such a beautiful day for Melbourne today. You are not that far away you can go in again. I loved going to the NGV with my friend. I'll get back there for another show one day...

  2. Thanks for the warning! I won't just rock up and expect to get in now.

  3. It was a perfect winter's day to be outdoors, your alternative city experience looks lovely.

  4. SO different from the French scenery you have treated us to recently.

  5. I have a friend who waited 4 hours to get in. I am surprised that there wasn't timed entries. Hope you enjoyed it when you finally got in whenever that was..