Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Taupes - Thank You

Many thanks to those who gave me suggestions on what to use my taupes for.
I have decided to incorporate my favourite block into a quilt, Flying Geese.
I will stitch more sashiko and BORO blocks and add long strips.
Will look at The Quilt and Craft Show in July to get some more ideas. 
I know this quilt top will take a while and will try to keep it simple in construction.
Thank you again, Jenni 🏯

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Japanese Taupes

I would love some advice as to what sort of quilt and pattern to make, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have collected these fabrics from 2 trips to Japan.
 This large bag contains the following fabrics.
I also have some silk kimono pieces and several skeins of sashiko threads, cream, white, blues and browns.

 Pre covered 1/2 inch hexis.

 The large brown fabrics on the left, unrolled, like the green and blue rolls above.
 3m piece in blue.
Looks grey, actually cream in colour.
I take the fabrics out of the bag every so often, to try and think of something to do with them.
Thank you for helping me. I look forward to any suggestions.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Waverley Patchworkers Quilt In

Decided to attend the Quilt In today at Mulgrave.
Had a lovely time catching up with other quilters. Met some new and some old friends.
 The table challenge was to use the balls of wool provided and knit in garter stitch. As I am still unable to hand sew, spent the day knitting. The table with the longest piece won fat 1/4's for their table.
 The theme of the day was Winter, there were several displays of knitted scarves, beanies and rugs.
We were asked to wear winter scarves and beanies, there were some lovely scarves on those who attended.

 Winter Challenge blocks.
 I won one of the raffle prizes, the packet consisted of a pack of French General squares.....
...and the border fabric and pattern.
I always enjoy their day.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Sunny Winter's Day

I trained into the city today, with the intention of visiting the Van Gogh exhibition at the NGV.
I thought of buying my ticket online, but thinking "she'll be ok"....decided to buy a ticket at the Gallery. WOW!!! we were told the line for tickets and entry was approx 2 - 2.5 hours wait.
Decided it was not worth it, will buy it online and visit another day. It was so crowded......

 The main pond at the NGV was interesting with moss balls growing among the leaves and the water.
 My favourite walk in the city of Melbourne is down St Kilda Road. 
The leaves have not quite fallen or changed colour.

 Overlooking Southbank from Princes Bridge, 17 degrees today with sunshine and a blue sky.
The trees on the Yarra River toward the Mighty M.C.G. have turned a lovely terracotta in colour.
Another trip into the city is on the agenda.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Stroll.....

...along the Yarra River at Warrandyte this afternoon.
Called into Emma's and picked them up to take Harvey for a walk.
Popped into the Stonehouse Gallery for a look. Some beautiful craft on sale.

Salt and Pepper

Spent a lovely relaxing lunch and afternoon with other friends, at friend's 45 acre farm at Gordon, an hour from our place. Thank you for babysitting our 2 chooks  while we were away.
 A beautiful sunny but cool day.
 We 3 girls, took Rosie and Biggie for a long walk up the road to the pine forest to collect a bag of pine needles for me to use at Winter School. 3 massive grey kangaroos came bounding across in front of us, don't know who jumped higher, them or us.

 Their cattle were grazing in one of the front paddocks.

 They have a collection of old utensils and containers around the farm

Rosie the cattle dog.
 Salt and Pepper are now back home and settling in.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

That's it...

....home and back to reality. 
 Leaving Paris over a patchwork of fields Friday night.

 Sun setting as we leave Zurich.
 Flying over part of the Great Wall.
 Coming in to Hong Kong.
Patchwork tail of a plane.
Many thanks for all the comments and viewing of our blog of travels, 5 weeks in France.
We hope you enjoyed travelling along with us.
Jenni and John xx

Friday, June 2, 2017

Around and Stranded.

Meaux is not a pretty town, but if you look around, up and down, there is something to see.
Walked for a couple of hours and another shower was needed, the French say they have not experienced this high humidity before, it is rare at this time of year, within a week it should be cool and showery.
The petrol strike is over, have been told it happens at this time of year just like our threatened brewery strike at Christmas time. Have been watching the French Open tennis.
Bridge, Pont du Meaux.
Looking from our hotel window, sunrise, at Hotel de Ville  (Council Chambers) with the Cathedral behind it.
Some little boy would love this old model to play with.
The College facade.
Oliver, the American bulldog.
This war memorial was decided in 1898.
Designed was a base on 3 levels with a Corinthian column on which stands a statue of Fame, at the foot of the column, a lion representing the heroic resistance of the Fort de Belfort in 1870.

Meaux's ancient name was "Lanthium". The town was the administrative centre of a region inhabited by a tribe of Gaul. Towards the end of the 4th century the inhabitants built a wall to protect their town centre.
Well know for mustard's.
Everywhere, we see men walking French Bulldogs.
In Australia they are a very expensive breed of dog. Loved these characters.

Meaux Cathedral.
The railway station.

The local florist shop.

Pretty reflection.