Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Dish Cabinet

 Musee National Adrien Doubouche, Limoges.
The national porcelain museum.

 The museum was created in 1845, thanks to patron Adrien Dubouche.

 Limoges porcelain is made from the local white clay called Kaolin.
Traditional porcelain is classified if you can hold the piece up to the light and it can be seen through.
 Interesting way to show the colours of the pigments used to decorate.

 The museum consisted of 3 floors of ceramics.
As each floor progressed it was noticed that the dishes became fancier.

 An elegant piece.

 This was huge, another favourite piece.

 The collections date from Antiquity to the XVIIIth century modern day.
Not a traditional dish, I loved this piece.


  1. I second your choice of favourites, the big dish and the dog

  2. A wonderful collection. Love all the colours.

  3. Ahh! Dog of the day. :) I also love that oriental looking piece.

  4. I've enjoyed viewing your selection of museum pieces. The fish dish would look great on any table.

  5. Famous china. A lot of inspiration has been exchanged between Japan and Europe.