Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sewing Conversation

Beatrace, our hostess at our previous accommodation, had a wonderful collection of bits and pieces in her rooms. A little French spoken by me, a little English spoken by Beatrace, made for a lovely conversation between us.
 A travel case used as a coffee table for the cups and saucers tray in our room, 
 At the top of the landing was a dresser cupboard dedicated to old bits and pieces for sewing.
 The cupboards and on top were old linen hand embroidered bed sheets, tablecloths and pillow cases.
The small boxes contained antique spools of cotton and sewing kits.
 Old French haberdashery and sewing magazines with patterns in them.
Thought of Vireya when I saw them, she would have loved going through them.
 The shelves in her guest's lounge with French children's books on them.
We had a beautiful illustrated Fables book in our bathroom.
I loved the Knitting Nancy sitting in the jar.
We have had some quite unusual tea bags in each place, Jeann, I have collected the tea bag paper!!

 Framed pages out of a fashion magazine, printed in 1800's.

 From Domloup to Bayeux, our navigator from home, took a hissy fit and sent us off the highway and down one car width country lanes for 15kms. Too busy checking for cars driving at us to notice the beautiful farm houses with creeping roses over them
The end is in sight.....we made it to where we needed to go.


  1. You're right, I would have loved to look through those magazines!

  2. At least you made it to your destination... Oh so many beautiful places. You have so many gorgeous photos of all the places you have visited. Great memories...

  3. Beatrace has assembled some pretty displays. Even better than the toy sewing machine is the miniature sleeve board complete with braid trim.

  4. The sewing display is lovely. I am looking forward to seeing the tea bags.