Friday, May 12, 2017


The Romans settled in Saint-Emilion over 2 million years ago.
The town is built on the side of a hill, a real walking challenge and a haven for wine shops and lovely outdoor cafes.
 Vineyards on the way from Libourne

Narrow little lane ways of  cobblestones.

Looking towards Eglise monolithe de Saint-Emilion
The Portal of the monolithe and entrance to the Catacombs.
The church was, from the 9th to the early 13th century, partly hewn,directly out of the
soft limestone bedrock.
Overlooking the rooftops to the Kings Tower.

We bought a signed copy of this poster from the artist in his wine shop to accompany the poster from a previous trip to Mercier Champagne vineyard.

Interesting art display on the walls of the Roman ruin.

Some brightness among the limestone.
The site of the baths where the women washed their clothes several centuries ago.
It was a warm day and I could have easily sat with my feet in the water to cool off....
Chateau Siaurac, where a pre-dinner wine tasting was enjoyed.
A lovely vase of peony on the table.


  1. Iron lace, small streets, wine wonderful setting...what more could you ask.. Wonderful place.

  2. Beautiful limestone buildings, the town is thoroughly charming. The inhabitants have balanced tourism and preserving their heritage well.

  3. I loved the artwork on the walls-very impressive. Also loved the door knobs and lace work.

  4. Beautiful! Love the peonies, of course.