Sunday, May 14, 2017

Just a Drop or Two

Morning drive took us through the Medoc wine area of the Bordeaux region.
This area is the Chateau region of wealthy vineyards.

 In years gone by, roses were planted for 2 reasons. Firstly if there were any diseases, it would affect the roses before the vines. Secondly, they were planted for the growers and their workers to know which variety was planted, a tagging system.
These days they are planted for show.

 Chateau La Tour Carnet (est 1855)
Price per hectare is approx 1,000,000 Euros
Approx 160 hectares under grape.... 
 Our wine tasting Chateau vineyard.

The sizes of a bottle have a name.
 The larger of these 2 bottles is called an Imperiale = 8 bottles of wine.
The smallest is Filliette ou Demi = 0.375 litre
The largest they produce is called Melchlor = 24 bottles

 The barrel room has approx 4,200 barrels which hold approx 300 bottles of wine in each barrel.
 Loved these box many fat 1/4's can it hold.
 Of the 3 wines we sampled, this was the top of the range, a beautiful 2008 red.
(Can be purchased at Dan Murphy)
 Chateau Baron was stunning, we stopped to take photos.
It is across the road from the Chateaux owned by the husband of actress Selma Hyek.
It is now used for State dinners and receptions.
 This rose did not have a label, the perfume hit me as I alighted the bus, gorgeous.


  1. Happy Mothers Day. John looks very happy with the wine tasting.

  2. Are you sure you just had a drop or two? Not a glass or two?! Beautiful combination, roses, castles and wine.

  3. Glad to know that you had a wee drop! And some are available at Dan Murphy's

  4. Interesting fact about the reason for planting the roses.