Monday, May 8, 2017

Bolbec Textile Museum

Bolbec is a hillside village with a settlement of over 1,000 years old.
During the 19th century, 14 water mills were used to drive the machine needed to produce textiles of various types. The town established production of fabrics with simple and colourful printed patterns called indiennes. Sadly the last factory closed it's gates in1886.  

 Cotton was used for the fabrics.
 Weaving of the cloths.

 Wooden and steel plates from India for printing of the fabric after weaving.

 Samples of French Chinz.
 Wooden plates used on the Chinz fabric.

 This piece of Chinz with cross hatched quilting was found on the internet, it is 150 years old.

The fabric covering the seats in the bus.


  1. Fascinating, Jenni. You do your research so thoroughly, and i enjoy the photos and text.

  2. That looks like somewhere I could really spend some time.

    Are there any English labels on the exhibits, or do you know enough French to read the labels?

  3. That was an interesting exhibition.

  4. Very interesting museum. I wonder if it closed at that time because water power could not compete with larger steam driven mills.

  5. What beautiful fabrics. They must have taken a long time to print compared to methods today. Fabulous place to visit.