Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bayeux Tapestry

Another bucket list tick off....only 2 more to go. 
Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid in Copenhagen and the Island of Vis, Croatia,
birthplace of my paternal grandmother.

Entrance to the museum.
 The Bayeux Museum to view the tapestry.
Understandably no photos allowed of this very delicate piece of work, to preserve it, 70m long and 50cm wide. (Photos taken at the museum.)
 A beautiful piece, but is it a tapestry or an embroidery?
A masterpiece made in the 11th century. The embroidery produced on a linen cloth using a variety of coloured woollen yarns. It tells the story of the Conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy and King of England.
The pictures are stitched with yarn of eight different colours on a biscuit coloured background.
The outlines in stem stitch contrasting with the flat sections in blanket stitch.
(for Carin).
A piece to show the reverse side.
Doomsday Book.

It is still not known if the tapestry was stitched by men or women.
A piece of something modern, missing my grand-dog Harvey.

The streets of Bayeux, lots of shops.
A pretty town.
The Cathedral.


  1. We were there 3 years ago and have very fond memories. We both loved the cathedral, so majestic in a small town. Thx for sharing.xx

  2. Wonderful! And the pink Harvey is very cute.

  3. Love the tapestry. Pam Holland has been reproducing it and has had lots of good reviews about it.

  4. I find it amusing that it is neither made in Bayeux nor a Tapestry. Still wonderful that it survived and the colours are still bright. Smee Designs have a great version which I made for my granddaughter.

  5. Thank you for thinking of me when you took the photo!
    A fellow blogger and TAST stitcher had a kit and blogged about her progress on it. It was interesting to follow.
    A friend in England will be working this stitch in a MAJOR project, but I can not reveal the info yet. It is a great stitch and can be used for any pictures. I think though, that it really should be worked in wool, as the fibers cover up any glimpses of the fabric that are created by the stitches.
    I hope the Little Mermaid still has her head on - from time to time her head is cut off by some 'fan'!

  6. Love Bayeux. Have seen the tapestry twice and could easily go again. The cathedral is pretty majestic.