Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sewing Conversation

Beatrace, our hostess at our previous accommodation, had a wonderful collection of bits and pieces in her rooms. A little French spoken by me, a little English spoken by Beatrace, made for a lovely conversation between us.
 A travel case used as a coffee table for the cups and saucers tray in our room, 
 At the top of the landing was a dresser cupboard dedicated to old bits and pieces for sewing.
 The cupboards and on top were old linen hand embroidered bed sheets, tablecloths and pillow cases.
The small boxes contained antique spools of cotton and sewing kits.
 Old French haberdashery and sewing magazines with patterns in them.
Thought of Vireya when I saw them, she would have loved going through them.
 The shelves in her guest's lounge with French children's books on them.
We had a beautiful illustrated Fables book in our bathroom.
I loved the Knitting Nancy sitting in the jar.
We have had some quite unusual tea bags in each place, Jeann, I have collected the tea bag paper!!

 Framed pages out of a fashion magazine, printed in 1800's.

 From Domloup to Bayeux, our navigator from home, took a hissy fit and sent us off the highway and down one car width country lanes for 15kms. Too busy checking for cars driving at us to notice the beautiful farm houses with creeping roses over them
The end is in sight.....we made it to where we needed to go.

Bayeux Tapestry

Another bucket list tick off....only 2 more to go. 
Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid in Copenhagen and the Island of Vis, Croatia,
birthplace of my paternal grandmother.

Entrance to the museum.
 The Bayeux Museum to view the tapestry.
Understandably no photos allowed of this very delicate piece of work, to preserve it, 70m long and 50cm wide. (Photos taken at the museum.)
 A beautiful piece, but is it a tapestry or an embroidery?
A masterpiece made in the 11th century. The embroidery produced on a linen cloth using a variety of coloured woollen yarns. It tells the story of the Conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy and King of England.
The pictures are stitched with yarn of eight different colours on a biscuit coloured background.
The outlines in stem stitch contrasting with the flat sections in blanket stitch.
(for Carin).
A piece to show the reverse side.
Doomsday Book.

It is still not known if the tapestry was stitched by men or women.
A piece of something modern, missing my grand-dog Harvey.

The streets of Bayeux, lots of shops.
A pretty town.
The Cathedral.

Thank you...Only 2 Steps

Our accommodation greeted us with only 2 steps into the room and a walk in shower, no bath...
The rooms are built into the rock face of the cliff,. Our host gave us a chat on the history of the house. They have been here for 5 years. The house was originally for the mistress then wife of Louis XIII. 
A stunning property.
 Front of the house.
 3 rooms built into the cliff face. Our room is the middle, with the door opened.
These are around the back of the house.
A bottle of local wine is set up for us to enjoy after a long day on the road,

 A room built into the cliff is for guests, a self contained kitchen.
Our nightly salad is cooling in the fridge.
The original chapel carved out of the cliff.
Early night, then hit the road after breakfast to visit the local Chateaus. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fougeres - Thank you Pam

Pam told us about this stopover on the way back from Mont St-Michel.
Didn't stop for long, on our way to Rennes, just enough to see the castle walls.
 Beautiful blue doors.

 Looking toward the castle from Jardin Public (public garden)
 Houses below remind us of Lilliput villages.

 At the garden gate, book swap container.
 Walls of Chateau Medieval, Fougeres, capital of the marches of Brittany, near the boundaries of Maine and Normandy. 
Another beautiful rose.
Rennes, bears witness to the legacy of the Celts and the Gallo-Roman era.

 Portes Mordelaises
A castle entrance gate with two towers, defended by a drawbridge and featuring two smaller gates for carriages and pedestrians, once led to Mordelles. This symbolic setting was where the future Dukes of Brittany swore an oath to defend Brittany's freedoms. The mediaeval walls to the west were built on the site of a third-century wall. An artillery platform was added on the fortified gateway (or barbican) to protect this entrance to Rennes.

 Place des Lices
The market place on a Saturday.
 Noticed something sitting on the wall of this bar...
 ....a baby on a life ring. It pays to look up.

 The things you see...a radish on the wall.

 We asked Alam, our host as to why the sun dial said 3pm, when  it was really 5pm.  
It has something to do with daylight saving.
Entrance to the Government Offices.

 Hotel de Ville
The Council Chambers.
 Rennes Opera House opposite the Council Chambers..
Every city has a carousel, I asked once and was told, "just because",