Saturday, April 22, 2017

Australasian Quilt Convention

I spent the afternoon at the AQC. It was extremely crowded when I arrived but cleared out by 2pm, which gave way to seeing the quilts etc without a crowd.
The majority of my time was spent chatting and catching up with others, a pleasant afternoon out of the rain. The first year I forgot to take photos of our beautiful Old Exhibition Building.
Good excuse to pay the Carlton Gardens a visit later on.

 My one and only purchase, $5 for hexagons cut from old blankets. To be cut and used for my Paper Felting class at Winter School. I loved the old swap card, can remember swapping with friends at school during recess and lunchtimes.
 Saw this quilt "TRUE BLISS" by Sonya Prchal and thought of Tanya in Japan, who loves cats.

 "ROSE SEIDLER HOUSE" by Gloria Loughman.
Designed by the Architect Harry Seidler for his parents and built in 1949.
The house was very futuristic and modern for Australia at that time.

 Stunning quilt. "BLING" made by Katherine Jones, Tasmania.
Inspiration from a princess cut diamond.

 "LINCOLN" made by Kim Soper, Huntington, New York, USA

 "Quilts from Mexico", 2 that I loved.
A quilt exchange with the Quilters of Mexico.

Quilts from Korea

 My friend Jeanette supplies me with Gingko leaves from her tree.
I asked for some to dry for my paper felting class and yesterday she kindly gave me a surprise bag of others.
 Please remind me of the name of these Jeanette?
Mulberry leaves.
 In Seoul, South Korea we ate our BBQ meats wrapped in the green leaves. I did not know until our visit that they can be eaten by humans, thought they were solely for silk worms.


  1. The middle leaves are from my Judas Tree, Cercis siliquastrum. It has lovely pink flowers in spring, but I noticed a few appearing this week - strange weather we are having.

  2. It was nice to catch up with you there!

  3. So many nice pieces af art to look at. Glad you had a good day

  4. Thx for sharing some of the quilts at AQC as I won't be able to go this year.

  5. We have Cercis chinensis (Chinese Judas Tree) here with bright pink flowers. The Katsura also has those heart-shaped leaves. They come out pink in the spring and turn Yellow in the fall. Out Ginkgos turn yellow in the fall too. I will be interested in how you are going to use the leaves.

  6. There were so many stunning many talented people.
    It was good to catch up with you and Vireya.