Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wool Museum Geelong

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is exhibiting at the Wool Museum.
This is the third segment of the exhibition we have seen.
Amazing photography, especially the 11-15 year old category, who no doubt borrowed their parent's cameras. 
Australia was represented with only one photo, the rest were from around the world.
Another exhibition was Gondwana, I need to do a 4th piece on this subject, came home with a couple of ideas. 

The 3 categories I have made  are:
 Gondwana - Splitting of the Lands
Soil Samples of the Land
Tree of Flora and Fauna in Gondwana Time

 The Mary Wade Quilt by Kirstie Duncan.
In honour of Australian paleontologist, Dr Mary Wade who studied the first animals in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. 
 Creatures of the Slime Quilt by Maki Saito, Kyoto, Japan
for the Australia Post stamp issue based on the artwork by Peter Trusler.
Investigated origin and demise of Ediacaran fauna.
 John is a descendant of James and David Strachan who established and became partners of the Woolen Mills in Geelong. (David is John's middle name)


  1. Something for everyone today, John looks pleased as Punch with his personal theatrette. The Mary Wade Quilt is quietly beautiful.

  2. I didn't realise that John is so important. I had better be nice to him....hello John...you are looking well!

  3. Must get down there before the wildlife photography exhibit closes.