Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No Time For Sewing, Even If I Was Allowed

While Emma is in Morocco on holiday, we are minding Harvey for 4 weeks.
 Emma didn't realise her pants blended into the fountain.
Tower of the Hassan ll Mosque in Casablanca
Lanterns in Mosque
He is a beautiful pup, but if he is not careful, he may end up as a floor rug.....love him dearly but he can be exhausting.

Last summer due to the extreme heat, I bought a cheap hand towel, attached velcro straps and Emma soaks it in water. Came in handy these last couple of weeks, put it on and he won't let us take it off him.
For a dog that does not like water.....
 Sadly my plants have been broken as he loves to jump the garden bed with his toys and take them the long way round to bring back to us when playing.
I cringe every time he jumps past my Clivia. The Iris were thick with foliage, not now.
 Broken Hydrangea. Have taken the broken stems and used them as cuttings.
 Poor Fuchsia has not much left of it.
 I am not allowed to hand sew before the next checkup in late April, I am going nuts with no sewing to do. Machine sewing with one hand, surely wouldn't be classed as hand sewing.
Our quilting group has an Easter challenge, 8 inch square, must include at least one Easter egg and one rabbit.
I had some fabric that had 2 bunnies in the print....does this count?


  1. Of course it does. It's your interpretation

  2. Emma knows exactly how to please her Mum, a happy daughter and gorgeous exotic patterns. As for Harvey he has a way to go, but the plants will grow again. Your one handed sewing is impressive.

  3. This will be an I-Spy a Bunny piece! Make sure your one had sewing is not putting strain on the good hand or you might be in for surgery of that hand, too!

  4. Love that sneaky bunny! Emma's holiday photos look fantastic.

  5. Love the Moroccan architecture.
    Pups are challenging. If he is not turned into a floor rug beforehand he will grow up one day!
    Easter challenge looks good. And yes, I can see the rabbits.