Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hand Stitched

The Culprit....
 2 1/5 years of covering 1 inch diamonds and hand sewing it together has resulted in this.....
 ......carpal tunnel with severe nerve and muscle damage.
Still have numbness in my fingers but now have lovely pink colouring behind my nails.
 Please, if you have pins and needles or numbness, get it checked out before it does damage like it did to me. I left it too long.
Hospital has rung twice to ask, the numbness should have subsided.
A plastic surgeon operated on my hand, but wouldn't give me a tummy tuck or chin lift when I asked her......oh well, it was worth a try....
Will start this to keep me occupied.


  1. My carpal tunnel problem disappeared by itself! I have heard that the key is not to do too much of the SAME movement (playing the violin, typing, quilting, shelling shellfish....) for too long, but do other things in between.
    Your quilt is fantastic! but will always remind you of your pain, though.
    Enjoy your puzzle, and don't sit too long!

  2. Hope it all heals up quickly, and the numbness goes away!

    Perfect weather for sitting inside quietly doing a puzzle.

  3. Good time to call in lots of favours, you cannot possibly do any housework and risk spoiling that neat bandage. Hope you get the feeling in your fingers back really soon.

  4. As long as you remember your own advice when you get back to hand sewing! Good luck with that puzzle. It would do my head in.

  5. Been busy and not keeping up with the news so have only just caught up on your carpal tunnel surgery. You just have to take it slowly and do as you are told and eventually you will get back to it. Hope it's sooner rather than later.