Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Convent Gallery

 Our Sunday afternoon drive took us to Daylesford to visit the gallery.
It's origins date back to the 1860's gold rush, originally built for the Gold Commissioner, it was known as "Blarney Castle".
 The Catholic Church purchased the building in the 1880's for it's presbytery. 
In 1892 the building was deemed appropriate for nuns and boarders, the convent and boarding school for girls was opened.
 A typical cell of a bed and wash stand for the Presentation Sisters who served at the convent. Material possessions had no value for the 30 nuns who over time served here.

 Today, over 100 years since it's establishment as The Holy Cross Convent, the beautiful building continues as The Convent, an historical icon for art, history and culture. There are 6 gallery areas with a cafe and shop.

 The Chapel, built in 1904 and remains relatively untouched.
Today, Weddings are conducted in it. 


  1. Thank you for the tour. The Convent is on my list of galleries to visit, but have not made it as yet. Spent a few nights in a nun's cell, they are tiny.