Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mystery Quilt - Part 6

Part 6 has been released, a nice change from dark's.
 A drive to the Peninsula today, stopped at Red Hill for lunch, surrounded by lush green vines of the vineyards. 

 32 made, will trim the dog ears etc when the pattern requires these blocks.
After lunch, a walk along Balnarring Beach with Phillip Island in the distance.


  1. Green is a LOVELY lush colour. So is the landscape.

  2. Lots of greenery down the peninsula!

    Your mystery units look lovely. Wasn't it fun to finally cut into a different colour?

  3. Gee you sure have had a few travels lately. I must say to some beautiful areas too.
    I'm sure you are sewing away on the next clue and a change of colour. I will work on mine tomorrow.

  4. Love the roses at the ends of the rows of vines. I have been told white means a white wine variety, and red for red.