Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lazy Sunday

 Sunday morning walk along the foreshore with one very hyperactive 8 month old puppy. Is this the calm before the storm...we have 4 weeks of dog sitting in March!!

I enjoy covering journals and notebooks.
 The brown one is paper made of 3 different paper bags, to look like leather.
The right bottom, is made of printed paper serviettes.
 I have a small book to take away with me to France and below are fabrics that I will use for a covering. I saw a sketch book using a novel, it was very effective with black pen/ink and pencil colouring in. 
If I can find a book in French, I may take that also. 
My Winter School class with Shelley Rhodes, taught me that you don't have to be prolific at drawing,  sketch a small thing that takes your eye. 


  1. I have a set of diaries that I bound (stitched together) in the Japanese way using covers I made myself. It was creative and fun.
    Your choice of fabric is very attractive.

  2. Having Harvey for 4 weeks will be like having a 'toddler' won't it?
    I like your journal covers, too.

  3. The paper version of my quilt diary is almost full and I will have to start thinking about the next edition. Good ideas.