Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fresh Air and Roses

 Spent the morning at the Rose Garden in the grounds of the Werribee Mansion.
 Avenue of "Brass Band"
 Our roses survived the heat and winds.
Some of our volunteers deadheading the blooms.
First deadheading is cut one leaf down the stem, as time goes on we can cut the dead blooms off a few leaves down the stalk.
I work on the weepers with Geoff, Bev and Ann.
Mats are used to gather the trimmings, 2 pieces of wood with shade cloth attached to the wood.
When finished, rolled up for easy storage.
We found this little empty birds nest in one of the weepers. 
We think it may be that of the Blue Wren.
Interwoven with blue plastic string, not sure where the bird found it.


  1. Pleased to hear that the roses survived that horrible hot weather.

  2. A well protected nest, beautifully reinforced with blue. The Brass Band roses are magnificent.

  3. The rose garden is looking lovely! Most of our roses are between flowerings at the moment.

  4. A rose garden is something I grew up with and one of the things I miss most living in Tokyo. One of the botanical gardens had a rose garden but I think the area was specially adapted with soil that is rose-friendly.