Friday, December 9, 2016

Society Has Changed Safety Wise....

A 75 cent empty plastic bottle is all that is needed to make one dog very happy.
Our daughter was walking her dog this morning and was followed by a young man in a ute.
It scared her and Harvey could feel the tension as well.
After speaking with her father this evening, he said next time take a photo of the number plate and ring the Police. The young man in the ute could see that she was noticing his behaviour and luckily she had her work phone with her. She pretended to make a call as she looked at the man and he drove off after following her from the main road then down a side street.
After putting a post on the Bulldog site, she has been told that this breed of dog is the most stolen as the breed is highly sought after.
How sad that people can ruin someone's life and take away the pleasure that a dog can give to their owner. Our beautiful "grand-dog" has given us and Emma so much happiness and fun.
Please be careful out there.....


  1. We had a dog stolen from our yard when the gate was not locked. I think of Tokyo as being very safe but I later learned that another home in our neighbourhood had a pet Lab stolen at the same time. There is some dvantage in having a hairy mutt.

  2. What a scary thing! I've never worried about my dog being stolen as probably nobody would want her, but I know my sister-in-law worries about someone wanting her German Shepherd. Have your daughter be careful even when she doesn't take the dog for a walk. It is not only dogs that strange people are interested in.