Thursday, December 29, 2016

Shades of Summer

Drove out of suburbia for the country north west of Melbourne.
Kyenton - Castlemaine - Maryborough.
 Summer shades of mauve, from Agapanthus to Lavender, covered in bees.

 Shade of turquoise, I have a few summer t-shirts in this colour.
The scales, Toledo - Honest Scales, please don't be honest with me, say I haven't put on the 1.5 kg over Christmas. 
 Dry grass turned yellow, another shade of summer.
 Bluestone, would love to renovate this building.
Not sure if the Holden is in working condition.

Blue skies with white clouds.
Reminds me of pavlova topped with summer fruits.
Grey clouds, by the end of the cricket season, their whites will need to be bleached.
Van Gough's painting, clouds of "Wheat Fields of Cypresses"


  1. I love this part of central Victoria with the distant rolling hills. One of my ancestors built a 3 room bluestone in the mid 1800s and raised a large family in it, a bit north of here. Your cloud observations are marvellous.