Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Quilts, the Ocean and the Forrest

 Eaglesnest Gallery at Aireys Inlet, presented a quilt exhibition by Marion Matthews from Horsham.
It was to finish tomorrow but has been extended until 4th January 2017.
 The gallery is on the Great Ocean Road. 
A lovely facility with a wonderful shop attached.
 Fabrics from antique Kimono's.
Silk Kimono cushions.
Beautiful hand made sideboard.

 Hand dyed scarves.
 Fabrics from silk Kimono's.

 African fabrics.

 A small but impressive exhibition.
 Separation Beach, on the Great Ocean Rd, the trees are still scarred from last year's bush fires.
It always intrigues me, this road is the edge of mainland Australia.
When I was in primary school, all my friends had plastic Australia map templates.
My Father would not let me have one, he felt as an Australian, I should learn to draw it freehand.
 Continued on to Apollo Bay for lunch. Cool day, 19 degrees and packed with tourists.
 Walked along the beach.

Home via Colac through the Beech Forrest. 
Beautiful tree ferns, surrounded by white and yellow Queen Anne's Lace plants.
I have not seen a yellow variety before.


  1. Looks like an interesting exhibition. Thanks for showing it!

  2. That exhibition looks interesting and different. I love the Great Ocean Rd and it is good to see that it has recently opened after the landslides. Your photos are always great.

  3. The exhibition showcases a real love for the fabrics. Beautifully simple quilting. I've been pulling Queen Anne's Lace from my garden before it goes to seed. Pretty but quickly takes over.