Monday, December 19, 2016

Mystery Quilt - Part 4

Purple with Neutrals, make 40.
What more can I say.....just wish it was another colour.
I look at this and think of Cadbury's Chocolate, a block of hazelnut is my favourite.
Had a several squares of a block last night that had been sitting in the fridge.
Looking forward to Step 5.


  1. Yum! Hazelnut chocky!

    Surely we have to cut into either the green or the yellow in the next clue? Or maybe even both! Looking forward to whatever it is.

  2. That is not a bad thing to think about - in moderation of course. You have a lovely assortment.

  3. Thought I would check your blog before heading to bed but now the chocolate in the pantry is looking good!

  4. Well these bars of chocolate are free of calories and packed with fibre.