Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Day Today

 Early morning start, 6am at the Vic Market for stocking up the freezer of meat.

 Melbourne Vic Market icon, this doughnut van has been around for years.
Delicious, jam filled.....have to admit, I haven't tasted one for a few years!!!
 The rest of the day was spent at Mill Rose for our CBD breakup, a great day with great company.
We swapped geranium cuttings and my Kris Kringle gift was a pot of geranium from the Farmers Market. Made my day....
 Another one to add to the collection.
 Delicious ginger bread, handed out by a member and it was "melt in the mouth".
The best I have tasted, thank you Jeanette.


  1. I have three red geranium cuttings up in my greenhouse/bedroom. Rescued from an old dying plant, so not yet in bloom but with possibilities, come spring.

  2. Happy to make this a tradition, they are fun to make as well as eat.