Thursday, November 3, 2016

Something of Seoul

Wandered the city finding lots of nooks and crannies, bits and pieces and a protest?!!

 Was Louis a quilter?
 The lamps remind me of my Grandmother's drop pearl earrings.

 The chrysanthemum is the symbol of Autumn. 

 Walked miles, the legs needed a rest.
 Came across little alleyways with eateries, galleries and houses. Very traditional.

 Kimchi (fermented cabbage) pots.

 Fascinating vegetable at a gallery.
 Not sure if it was a protest, one lady on the corner was ranting with a placard.
The Police were extremely young looking, so perhaps a training exercise.
 The Police were on every corner.

 A different manhole from last year.
Insa-dong Street is full of crafts, paper and calligraphy brushes.
Those close to me, know I have a love of the gingko leaf.
I had a seal made to stamp on the back of my quilts.


  1. Love the idea of your quilt stamp.

  2. There are so many things to see in Seoul.

  3. So much interesting stuff! Your ginkgo stamp is a nice souvenir to remember the trip.

  4. a perfect and also useful memento

  5. My only trip there was with the Boy Scouts ... 16 handicapped scouts and 20 helper scouts, and 4 leaders. Needless to say, it was not very touristy. You are taking great advantage of your stay.