Sunday, November 6, 2016

Goodbye Seoul, Hello Melbourne

Dashed up to the Nam Market for a quick last minute browse. Bought a couple of things for 2 Kris Kringle's. All the bags were packed, checked out and a short walk to Seoul Station for the Airport Express train.
Thank you for reading my blog over the last week and commenting. 
We hope you enjoyed the week away with us on our return to Seoul.
 Greeted each morning with this smiley face as we came out of our hotel
 One section of the market were stalls of only ties, nice and bright.
I know someone who was given her Father's ties, unpicked them and used the fabric to make a quilt.
 Our hotel had unusual windows, which we could open. Thank goodness!!
Every time we came back the lady had turned the heater back up to 26 degrees.
 Our plane had an outdoor camera on the nose wheel....
just about to touch down at Hong Kong Airport.
Sat by these pots of Singapore Orchids, wish I had a spare bag, they were beautiful. 
Good morning Sunday, over South Australia.


  1. Welcome home, I have enjoyed reading of your experiences in a most fascinating country.

  2. Welcome home. What a trip. You packed in soooo much. Great!!! Now rest up for a bit😊

  3. You do so well organising your trips and the photos are a joy

  4. Back home safely. What a wonderful trip.

  5. You always take interesting and often unusual photos. Thank you Jenni